Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 9th November 2018 Margaret Deuchar


Across the Irish sea in Eire the Killarney and District show was held on Nov 4th where Kerry and Fritz Frost Addrienne Frost Treadwell and Jacqui Walmsley’s Kyons Dronningen Av Frostisen(Imp Can) was BOB ,she is by Nor Ch Kimuras Uno x Ch Kyons Nordic Princess.She was bred by  Karin Klouman and goes back  to the  same Frostisen line as their Leitegard Olav 40 yrs ago. Their Fabrajas Your Obedient Servant Mr Burr (Imp USA) was RBOB & Best AV in the puppy stakes, he is by Can Ch Kyon’s Langveis-Reisende x GCHB Trollheimen’s Pink Tourmaline and was bred by Faye Adcox. This was great start for both their show careers.

I have not heard about any other shows, as although it was Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland there were no Buhunds entered. So I will tell you about the show Debbie and I attended with Ch /Bel Ch  Tonylynn’s Charles Lafitte AW(P) R2 EX(Fizz) & Dreamwork Silver Dream RAC’R. Towards the end of September a show schedule for Coventry (Foleshill) Canine Society came in the post. A rare event nowadays, schedules are usually advertised on line or you pick up hard copies at shows. The show had Buhund classes with Robert Greaves as the judge. He has judged the breed on numerous occasions, passed our judges exam twice and gives CCs in Elkhounds & Finnish Spitz, however when we put him forward to give CCs in Buhunds, the KC said that as his other two breeds were in the Hound group he needed to judge more Buhunds. I am not commenting, other than to say that with the FCI the three breeds are all in the Spitz group and often have the same judge. I decided to enter, especially as the show was at Ryton on Dunsmore Coventry, although an hour and half away, a very easy journey for me, straight up the MI. There were also Border Collie classes, so I suggested Debbie might like also enter her puppy Silver. Entry was on line so that was easy and I did it straight away, in case I forgot as the show was not till November 4th.I had previously found a Rally competition on that date but just as well I decided to enter the show as the Rally competition was cancelled. A few days before the show Debbie noticed on their FB page they were short of stewards. She knew I liked stewarding and suggested as she would be there to keep an eye on Fizz and would be showing him I might like to help. The show was straight back with 3 rings to choose from but I said they could give me a ring on the day as I had no preference. I duly arrived as the show opened and was given the Gundog ring, going to the ring well before the judging started to get everything sorted. My co steward Claire Cooper joined me, saying she said she would like to me to do the paper work and she would do the calling in etc. We had 5 breeds and two judges Linda Thorogood did the Goldies and Labradors and Alistair Scott the Cockers Weimaraners & Pointers. All went really well till the last two breeds, when the judge decided he would like to take them to the outside ring, where the GSDs had been judged. It was sensible as there was not much room inside for the bigger dogs to move freely, but it had been raining the table was so wet you could not put anything on it and although not bitterly cold several dogs were shivering. I have stewarded numerous times from Ch shows to exemption shows inside and outside, but I have now made a note to self, offer to do the Toy breeds next time!! they would have stayed inside. We finished about 2pm and Claire and I took the judge to a very nice lunch in the restaurant.

Debbie had already told me that Silver had been third in her junior class and that the class winner was BOB. Fizz was also been BOB as sadly he was the only Buhund present. Now there was a wait for Sally Pointon to come back from lunch to judge the AV Pastoral Veteran, happily there more entries in this class but Fizz added another 1st place rosette to his BOB one. There was BVIS so Fizz went back in his cage for a rest. He did do the Pastoral Group but quite rightly he was not placed, this was won by the 13month old Border Collie, who the owners told me had come in from Australia as a Christmas present. The hound group was next where two of our friends were successful with a 2nd in the adult group and winning the puppy group. Then it was BIS which was judged by Ernie Paterson this was won by the Border Collie, so a very successful day for her .  This was followed by BPIS, then it was BVIS, each breed was introduced as they went into the ring, there were some lovely veterans, so I thought well at least we were representing the breed. Every dog was examined, then it was judgement time, BVIS was lovely Italian Grey hound who was winning BVIS for the third time running. The judge then picked up the RBVIS rosette and headed straight for Fizz! Debbie said afterwards that when the judge asked how old Fizz was and she said 11 1/2 he said ‘how old’! The breed judge also commented later that he had assumed he was 5 yrs younger the way he went round the ring and what a great ambassador for the breed he was. So it turned out to be a fantastic day, all because a show schedule came the old fashioned way ‘in the post’. The only down side was the trip home down the M1 which is always like a mobile car park on a Sunday evening, but I was home into for the Strictly Come Dancing Results Show!

I finish with the good news that Matin Camm who owns Teya and has had a spell in hospital is now home and we all wish him a speedy recovery.

Margaret Deuchar

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