Norwegian Buhund

In Rescue – 19 month, neutered male.

Buhund finds his forever home!

Burno, the 19 month, neutered male shown below who was in need of a forever home, has now been placed with the help of our Club rescue.  We wish his new owners the very best of times with Bruno and hope he will now be settled for life.

If you are interested in helping a Buhund in need, and provide a new life, please contact Di Stirling (Chairman & Rescue Co-ordinator) at


Bruno 1 Bruno 2 Bruno 3

Hello my name is Bruno. I am 19 months old have been microchipped and neutered and am up to date with all my jabs and flea and worming treatment. I haven’t had the best start to life. At only 19months old I am on my third home. My current mummy and her two children love me loads my due to circumstances changing which has caused my mummy to go back to work full time she has had to make the harder most  heart breaking decision to rehome me. I love my mummy to bits and would stay here and wait for her all day even though I am extremely bored and lonely but she knows this isn’t fair and only wants me to be happy and have the life I deserve. I just want someone to play with and have lots of love and cuddles with. And mummy just isn’t home enough anymore. So here are a few things about me I thought you would like to know.

I am what mummy calls and inch and a mile  kind of dog, let me on the sofa once an ill claim it as my own indefinitely. But don’t think this is always a bad thing. Give me an inch of your love and I’ll shower you with love for miles and miles.

I am an active boy who loves log walks an running in fields, my recall is really good however I can get distracted when I find lots of new friends to play with. I love cuddles and kisses more than anything and for some strange reason I have a thing for ears. I just can’t seem to get enough of licking and nibbling on them. But I’m super gentle. I also love my teddies but they never last very long as I get really nosey and like to see what’s inside them.  I do like to chew and love my raw hide bones as well and if given half a chance the occasional shoe.

I’m an extremely loving friendly boy who loves to make friends with anyone and everyone. Kids, cats, dogs, rabbits, I don’t care the more the merrier. I don’t have a nasty bone in my body. Even when I mean dog tried to bite me I just rolled over to show him I only wanted to be his friend.

I live tennis balls and like to play fetch. I also share the fun so sometimes I’ll brig it back to you and other times you’ll have to come get it.. After all I don’t want to be the only one chasing the ball.. You deserve a little fun too.i was caged trained when I came to mum , she’s not sure she likes this but I sleep so much better when I’m tucked up in my cage. I feel safe and secure.

Sometimes me and mum go for a nice long walk to pets at home, this is always a great day as there are so many different smells for me to have a nosey at and best of all a pick and mix section and mum lets me chose  what ever I like. I know my basics like sit, stay, settle , down, leave it and bed. However I do like learned and I think I you’re armed with some tasty treats me and you could have lots of fun learning so new things.

I like to follow mum around everywhere as I don’t want her to be lonely, so when she gets up to make a cup of tea I follow, if she sits down on the sofa I jump on her lap ( she thinks I’m too big for this but I know better) I even follow her to the toilet. I wait so patiently outside the door and when she finally opens the door I’m so excited to see her again. She’ll miss this a lot.

I do like to chew. But mum has been working such long hours I’m bored and don’t have muh else to do. With someone who can take me for long walks and keep me entertained I’m sure this is a habit I can grow out of. After all, I’m only 18 months and the vet said I’m still a puppy until I’m two.

I am such a happy loving boy who deserves to be given as much time and love as I’ll give in return. As I said I have now had 3 homes and this time me and mum want nothing more than to find me the perfect forever home, in return I’ll give you my heart, all the love you could ask for and I’ll be the best friend you ever had. Mums dream is to find me somewhere where I’ll get at least 2 really good walks a day, lots of time and cuddles. And plenty of attention. Maybe even somewhere with a play mate. I don’t want to be on my own anymore. I am an amazing part of the family and love to be at the heart of it. If you think you can offer me this kind if home with lots of exercise time attention and love I would really like to hear from you. My mummy’s 2 children would also like to see where I am going. They are going to miss me terribly and don’t really understand why I have to move, so I would maybe like to send them some pictures of where I am going and maybe even a few of me in my new home so they can see how happy I am. My mum is so sad she has had to do this. She truely believed we were going to be forever and is so upset she has let me down. she has held off for a long as she can as she knows how heartbroken she’ll be when I leave. But she knows this is selfish and I deserve better. I’d always put her happiness before my own, so she knows it’s only fair she does the same.

I look forward to meeting you

All my love

Bru x