Norwegian Buhund

Annual Trophies

The Committee made some changes to the point system which determines the winners of annual trophies at it’s meeting in July 2016.  The up to date points system and claim form can be downloaded at the links below.

NBC of the UK – Annual Points System

NBC of the UK Annual Points System for Scent Awards

Adoram Lucy/Activities Trophy – Claim Form

The points year runs from the 1st January to 31st December each year.

The Adoram Lucy Trophy and also the Activities Trophy must be claimed for by the dogs owner.  All claims must be sent to the points collator no later than 31st January of the following year (i.e. for claims made for Jan – Dec 2016, claim form must be submitted by 31 Jan 2017).  These are the only trophies that need to have claims submitted.

Things to consider when calculating points:

  1. Annual trophies are only available to fully paid up members  of the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK, this includes all co-owners of eligible dogs.
  2. The points for Buhund of the Year, Best Opposite Sex Buhund of the Year and Buhund Puppy of the Year are calculated separately to all other show trophies.
  3. The points for the Adoram Lucy Trophy and the Activities Trophy must be claimed for by the dogs owner on the claim form provided by the Club (claims must be submitted no later than 31st January of the following year).
  4. All queries should be sent to the points collator, however the decision of the points collator is final.
  5. Some trophies are not governed by points, but by the amount of awards one in that category, or amounts of points won within a specific class.  For clarification please contact the points collator.
  6. For all show trophies, only 1st place in ONE class counts, any wins in subsequent breed classes are not counted.
  7. To calculate points, add them together for each win taken to reach the highest level.  For example in the show trophies (not Buhund of the Year):  Best of Breed at a Championship Show with CC’s would  be 4 points for 1st place, 10 Points for the CC, 5 points for gaining Best of Breed – total of 19 points would be awarded for that show.
  8. At Championship Shows without CC’s on offer, if there are less than 5 dogs exhibited on the day, there will be no points awarded for Best of Sex.
  9. No points are awarded for wins  in breed classes at Open Shows.  The only exception is the Norwegian Buhund Club of the UK Open Show.
  10. For the Activities Trophy – dogs claiming points in subsequent years for the following awards must still be competing in Agility or Rally during the year in which the points are claimed – Agility Warrant & Rally Titles.

All queries should be directed to, and claim forms returned to, the Points Collator: