Norwegian Buhund

Breed Notes 30th June 2017 Margaret Deuchar


I HAVE often commented on how the English summer can change from one day to next. This year on the whole it has been very dry especially in the South East. Last weekend it was very windy but this weekend the heat kicked in with virtually no wind  temperatures rose in some places  to over 30degress.Brenda Bethell told me that  although it was very hot, she and husband Tony  took their Lux/Int Ch A Glad Di Ola(Freya) and her daughter Minforst Galadriel, to Chepstow & District open show held at Usk Equestrian Centre where under Nick Grovenor Freya was BOB .Freya is having a good show season she was BOB at the Three Counties just a week earlier and was BCC at Welks. Brenda said on their return home the dogs reward was to have their new paddling pool filled, so they quickly cooled off and so did Brenda with all their splashing about.

Jacqui Walmsey was also out and about,  she took her Blakk Van Koekie’s Ranch(Imp Ned)(Mole) to Poole Canine Club open show held  at Canford Magna Garden Centre Wimborne where under Mrs Roberts he was RBOB AVNSC .

The Friday before I had headed off to Orsett show ground to help at the two day Axtane Agility show of which daughter Debbie is secretary. The heat on the Saturday was just about bearable, although I am not sure how the judges and ring party coped being out in the sun all day .My job was to help in the secretary’s marquee and on the Sunday the temperature was 34.5 ,if I am going to help next year the central heating needs to be sorted! All the dogs ofcourse were  very carefully looked after, many supporting a variety of cool coats and there was a large doggy paddling pool in the middle of the show ground .Only those dogs who the owners knew were happy in the heat ran,I think like people some do not seem to mind the heat while others are definitely better left at home. There was a vet nurse on site but happily she was never called upon. The Sunday saw the heat intensify and many went home early with the show finishing just after 3pm ,normally it would have been must later .Fizz (Ch/Bel Ch Tonylynns Charles Laffite ran in 2 early classes on the Saturday having a clear round in agility and an 11th in a jumping class , on the Sunday he spent the day relaxing in the relative cool of the garden round the caravan . The weekend before he had gained a 7th in agility class to make him the first Buhund to gain the Agility Warrant Gold .He came to agility fairly late as it was not until after he gained that all important 3rd CC,  that we more or less retired him from the show ring ,so he could concentrate on agility which he loves . We thought that it would be lovely if he could get his Bronze Warrant , for that he needed 200pts with a minimum  of 50pts gained in agility classes.These are the ones with jumps and with what is called  equipment  (Dog Walk ,A Frame and See Saw),these have touch points which as the name implies the dog must touch before coming off otherwise they have 5fault.Fizz is in the large dog classes so has to compete against the collies which of course are much faster than him ,so most of his points have been gained with clear rounds 1point for jumping and 2 for agility, he also occasionally has points for placing where points are awarded down to 10th with double points in agility classes, but often with up to 250 dogs it has not been easy, he is though very consistent with his clear rounds ,so gradually the Bronze became Silver 400pts and now Gold 800.There are two more warrants Platinum and Diamond but as he is now 10yrs old we will stay with the Gold , he will go on doing it though for as long as he enjoys it.

As with so many numerically small breeds over the years we have lost classes at shows, especially when the 3 dogs a class rule came in .Happily now a few more shows are again putting on classes for the breed. For the first time ever Bournemouth Ch show has given us classes this year, with our own Neil Hood judging ,it is also his first time judging at a Ch show .Gillingham and Shaftesbury Agricultural show have a dog show ,now with Buhund classes our own Jacqui Walmsley  is the show sec and this year Di Butler well known in the breed is the judge .I know we have members spread all over  country but please if you can support these classes ,so we don’t lose them .


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