Norwegian Buhund


BATH CH SHOW 23/05/2014

 Norwegian Buhunds

Many thanks for an interesting entry & a very sporting crowd who seemed to enjoy themselves.

Many thanks to my stewards Alan Hards & David Sutton.

PD 1 Sturtmoor Destiny’s Day, 8 months black, good head shape, short in back with good tail& in good coat. A touch heavy in body. Front action can tighten up. BP. JD 1 Arnscroft Di Ablo, 16 months, correct shape for the breed & he is very sound on the move but both he & his handler need more schooling. Has the correct bone & head type. In good coat with correct tailset; 2 Knytshall Diamond Ted, 17 months, correct size but not the leg length or lightness of 1. Good head. His tailset is too low & this detracts from outline; 3 Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Taevas. PGD 1 Blakk Extacy Van Koekie’s Ranch, 2 years black, a touch heavy in body. In good coat with correct head shape, good tailset. A little long in couplings. Rear movement could be better. Carried himself well. OD 1 Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farah of Koromandel, 22 months, stood away. The right bone quality & leg length & best movement of the class. Wedge shaped head, good eye & ears. Full of quality. Correct stride& good carriage. BOB; 2 Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor, litter brother to 1& I marginally preferred his head but he is a touch longer in the couplings& not as clean in front action. RBD; 3 Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene.

PB (0). JB 1 Knytshall Angel Delight, 17 months, high quality bitch I liked a lot. Excellent head & eye, correct bone & good movement. Not in her best coat. Could perhaps be a touch shorter but when in full coat will look more balanced. Full of type & very feminine. PGB 1 K Angel Delight. OB 1 Ch Arnscroft Kiss And Tell for Sturtmoor, 5 years, lovely shape & quality with excellent head, eye & ears. Correct bone. Could be a little stronger in feet. Held her shape well. Good stride. BB; 2 Ch Ailort Just In Time, 5 years, good shape. Not in her best coat. I would prefer a touch more leg but correct for bone. Firmer in body than 1. RBB; 3 Ir Ch Arnscroft Di Di Di Delilah.