Norwegian Buhund

Birmingham National Championship Show

Show Date: Saturday 6th May 2017

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Judge:    *Peter Clifton

Results and Critiques:

My thanks to my most efficient stewards and also the Sheltie judge who did his very large entry in fast time.While the entry in Norwegian Buhunds these days are not large, I do feel that you have maintained a standard within your breed that many numerically large numbered breeds would envy, be very proud of what you have achieved. For me it was a privilege to judge the breed for the first time having spent so much time enjoying the breed, both as an owner and exhibitor, be it now quite some years ago. Thank you for your entry and your warm applause to all winners.

LD (3) 1 Stonton’s Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack. Res CC. Excellent balance standing and moving, and presented in firm condition. Nice eye, ears well set and of nice size all giving excellent expression. Correct in neck length and fitting nicely into body, good shoulders, bone and feet. Excellent topline with nice depth of body and not overdone in rear angulation, excellent side and rear movement. Just needs to develop a shade more in front but does have time on his side. 2 Bethell’s Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik At Taevas Of Minforst. Just lacked the expression and nice depth of body of winner. Nice for length to height, good shoulders, topline, tail, nice muscled rear quarters, bone and feet. 3 Cook’s Arnscroft Di Ablo.

OD (3, 1) 1 Coe’s Trelowen Big Daddy. Well developed, compact without any sign of being coarse. Loved his all male head overall for balance, with beautiful nice size ears well set and used, very much to advantage. Would just like a slightly better eye shape for perfection. Nice neck, shoulders correct, width in front, ample bone straight front, tight feet. Excellent topline, body balance, very nice set tail, correct rear angulation, good muscletone that enabled him to move very true with purpose. I felt today he was a cut above the rest and I was pleased to award him the CC and later BOB. 2 Garvie’s Rhialis Apollo. Pleasing in outline, nice shoulder placement, straight but a tad wide in front. Nice topline that was held standing and on the move. On the day just preferred the overall head of winner who also had, I felt, a shade more depth of body.

PB 1 Lambert’s Sturtmoor’s Eezee Luvva. Like this young lady for size balance and outline. Good rear, with nice muscletone for one so young. Nice forequarters, bone and feet. Nice eye and feminine in every way from head to body. While she stands with alertness and showmanship she just needs to settle more when being gone over, and I was very glad she did this in her second class.

JB (4) 1 Cale, Stirling & Dobson’s Arnscroft Bibbity Bobity Bul.Quality lady and lovely body balance giving super outline picture, and presented in excellent condition and showed like a bomb. While I felt the head to be feminine, it was, I felt, just a shade fine, but age is on her side. Excellent shoulders, straight front, nice feet, good topline and tail. Very good hindquarters and I found her not to be overdone in any way. In movement, I would have liked to have seen her put in just a shade more effort. 2 Lambert’s Sturtmoor’s Eezee Luvva. 3 Bethell’s Minforst Galadriel.

PGB (1) 1 Crocker’s Knytshall Noor Ul Ain. In the previous class she was most unsettled, and I was most pleased that she quickly overcame her worries. While feminine in head, I felt her large ears spoilt her expression. Good firm square mature body but a shade fine in bone.  True on the move and it was nice to see the tail go up.

LB (3) 1 Seward’s Trelowen Who’s The Daddy For Elleonia. Liked her for size, balance, condition muscletone and showmanship. Pretty head, eye and expression. Correct in neck, shoulders, front feet and rear angulation. Good topline, movement fine fore and aft, but did lack drive. 2 Garvie’s Rhialis Lucin. I found a lot to like in the young lady but felt on the day she lost out to winner in topline and shoulders. 3 Stonton’s Trelowen Andrea AW(S)

OB (1) 1 Garvie’s Ch Rhialis Psyche ShCM. Very pleasing in head, that’s balanced, nice eye, ears and most alert pleasing expression. Well developed neck and shoulders, nice in front with correct width tidy feet. Excellent in body condition well held topline standing and on the move, excellent tail that’s correctly set. While she stands out for quality I felt in the challenge for the CC the veteran winner just had the edge in rear angulation and movement. Res CC.

VB (1) 1 Cale, Lambert & Cale’s Ch Ir Ch Arnscroft Kiss And Tell Di For Sturtmoor. What a showgirl and she still retains the quality that I so admire in the breed, from that head, expression and all the way from body to movement. Loved the overall balance, super in shoulder, front, all showing not a sign of being coarse. Firm and muscled in body, correct in loin, great tail and set with correct hindquarters, little wonder that she can move so well. I was extremely pleased to award her the CC, but sadly, for best of breed, with a new handler, she just failed to produce the same sparkle and showmanship and this cost her.

Peter Clifton