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 Norwegian Buhunds

A pleasing entry of Norwegian Buhunds. I was pleasantly surprised with the general quality of the breed which in my opinion has improved over the last few years. The very enthusiastic ringside audience not only contributed to a memorable day in the ring for me, but I am sure also creates a positive atmosphere around the breed in general.

JD (4) 1 Knytshall Diamond Tell, very typical young wheaten with a very attractive silhouette. Masculine, powerful, up to size, but a comfortable winner in the class. Typical head & expression. Good ears. Balanced angulation both ends. Strong back& loin, just short enough. Highly typical, well curled tail. Very pleasing colour & good coat. Sound mover with very pleasing balance, striding out well enough from the side; 2 Rhialis Apollo, one year old male, not as mature& less substantial, but an impressive mover. Not the head quality of the winner, just masculine enough & somewhat foreign in expression. Balanced angulation. Excellent tail. His topline could be stronger standing, but firmed up on the move & strode out really well, also parallel coming & going; 3 Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Taevas. PGD (1) 1 Blakk Extacy van Koekie’s Ranch, big black dog, very masculine. Strong, but typical head & expression. Strong neck, could be longer. Well developed body. Falling off too much over the croup giving him a rather low set tail & restricting his hind movement. Pleasing mover as seen from behind, but needs to stabilize in front. He has a beautiful black coat, but I would have preferred less white markings. LD (3,1a) 1 Tokyn Douglas Among Ekusen, well balanced dark wheaten dog of very pleasing type & overall quality. Very pleasing skull & ears, but could be better filled under the eyes. Excellent neck with good rise over the withers. Attractive topline. Stood firmly over his legs & feet. Excellent tail. One of the best coats of the day which including frill & trousers. Moved well from the side, but toed in in front; 2 Trelowen Ancorya, another well proportioned male, more than large enough, but balanced. Pleasing skull, rather large ears, eyes could be darker & needs some more strength of muzzle. Attractive neck. Balanced angulation both ends. Tendency to cow hocks & needs a better ring to his tail. Needs to stablize in movement, especially as seen from behind. Very pleasing coat & colour. OD (3) 1 Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor, a really lovely Buhund with the correct proportions & outline making a most attractive & typical silhouette, the star of the day. Lovely head profile, eyes a little closely spaced. Excellent neck. Typical short, firm back & loin. Acceptable coat on the day, very good colour. Excellent, well curled & well set tail. Outstanding mover from the side with great balance, light on his feet & with excellent reach, still a young dog with room for improvement coming & going. Definitively a dog who could win in the breed’s country of origin. CC & BOB; 2 Ch Svartkonge av Sturtmoor, compact black dog of excellent size. Strong, masculine head, beautiful eyes. Strong neck, could do with some more reach. Balanced angulation both ends. Excellent, well set & tightly curled tail. Beautiful, black coat. Moved with balance & synchronized, but not with as much power & suppleness as the winner. RCC; 3 Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene.

PB (3) 1 Sturtmoor’s Dream Maker at Gazenorth, very feminine & attractive bitch, certainly not too big, & needs to gain a little more length of leg for optimal adult balance. Feminine, refined head, could do with some more strength of muzzle& underjaw, beautiful eyes & expression. Moderate neck. Stood very firmly over her legs & feet. Excellent strong topline. Tail could have a better curl. Moved soundly & efficiently from all angles. Very pleasing coat & colour. BP; 2 Kimura Styra at Arnscroft, a typy bitch, but very puppyish in balance & carrying more baby fat than she needs. Typical head with power, dark eyes, but her wide set ears detracts from the expression. Excellent neck & well angulated in front, particularly good return of upper arm. Very well sprung ribs. Firm back, but needs to drop in her hindquarters & at this time rather high behind, especially in movement. Attractive coat & wheaten colour; 3 Rikarlo Hermione. JB (2) 1 Rhialis Psyche, well proportioned bitch, still very youthful looking & needs to body up. Very feminine head, would prefer more strength of muzzle. Attractive neck. Moderate, but balanced angulation both ends. Excellent tail; well set & well curled. Good coat. Moved light on her feet, well balanced& free; 2 Knytshall Angel Delight, another attractive bitch, light wheaten with good potential, but at this time not quite in balance. Refined, feminine head, beautiful expression, needs some more strength of muzzle. Excellent ears. Attractive neck & front. Body on the longer side & tail could be higher set, but is well curled. Moved narrow behind, pleasing from the side. PGB (2) 1 Arnscroft Di Nah May, a beautiful bitch with excellent type & quality. She has a good combination of strength with lightness body. Typical head, beautiful eyes, ears could be smaller. Excellent, well set neck with good rise over the withers. Not too long in body, still not quite fully developed in body & will get even more compact with age & maturity. Well angulated behind. Classical, beautiful colour & adequate coat. She moved very effortlessly & with excellent balance & pride when her handler concentrated on the task at hand, which could be more often. Can perfect her coming & going with maturity. Won the CC on her overall lovely type & side movement & made a very matching pair with her litter brother in the competition for BOB; 2 R Psyche. LB (2) 1 Arnscroft Glad Di Ola, powerful bitch with a very beautiful colour. I would not like more of her than this. Excellent head & expression, even if the ears are somewhat large. Very good neck & well constructed front. Would prefer her somewhat shorter in body. Tail could be higher set, but is well ringed. Moved narrow behind, but pleasing from the side; 2 Trollheimen Elske to Knytshall, feminine black bitch with very pleasing proportions. Quite attractive head. Moderate neck & front angulation. Firm back, but falling away too much over the croup & the tail could be higher set. Moved moderately well from all angles. Very good colour, but not in the best coat condition on the day, a richer coat would fill out her frame & suit her well. OB (6,2) 1 Ch Arnscroft Kiss And Tell Di for Sturtmoor, a wheaten bitch of very attractive size & model, but has barely enough length of leg for balance. Very feminine. Beautiful head & expression. Adequate neck. Very moderately angulated in front. Deep & capacious body, carrying a little too much weight. Rich coat. Excellent tail. Moved wide behind, but with excellent strides & effortless from the side, making a very impressive side picture on the move. RCC; 2 Arnscroft Di Or Comply, large bitch, very sound & well constructed, but a bit too much of everything for a bitch. Stood very well over her legs & feet. Excellent mover from the side. Not in optimal coat condition, but an attractive wheaten colour; 3 Ailort Just Jnks.