Norwegian Buhund

Bournmouth (No CCs)

Show Date:    Sunday 13th August 2017

Judge:    Neil Hood

Results and Critiques:

Thank you to the society for my invitation and a very welcoming reception, thank you to the exhibitors for their entry and your support to an upcoming judge. The atmosphere ringside amongst exhibitors was friendly and it was lovely to see good sportsmanship and camaraderie amongst those attending.  Was a good, friendly atmosphere.

Limit D/B (4,1a)

1st Crocker’s Knythsall Noor Ul Ain. 20 month Black bitch maturing well and in profile presents a very nice square, yet feminine outline. Good for breed type and up to size for a bitch. Good shape to head, nice sized ears set well and used to enhance her expression, lovely dark eyes. Lovely length of neck into well placed shoulders. Good front and rear angles, topline was good and held it well on the move, well muscled throughout and this helped her on the move. Tight feet and the tail well set and curled. In very good coat and good texture to it. Won high honours due to her movement which was nice, light and effortless, definitely a dog that can work all day. Very pleased to award her BB and BOB.

2nd Bethell’s Minforst Galadriel. This bitch was sired by the BD and she shares his qualities, she is very good for typical buhund type. Slightly smaller in frame than 1 but still well in proportion. Good shape to head, good clean bite. Good front and well off in rib and body, well coupled and lovely angles and muscles in the rear. For me, I would prefer a higher set tail. Movement again, was light and nimble. Nice coat texture. A good, honest bitch. RBB

3rd Butterworth’s Rikarlo Henrietta. 4 year wheaten bitch and again a good, honest example of the breed, no exaggerations, no frills, just a good hardy bitch. Lovely shape to head and lovely dark eyes. Well placed shoulders and good for bone. Tight feet, lovely length to body, good angles to rear and muscled up well. Movement was slightly erratic, possibly due to the heat. Still a good bitch, would love to see her out more.

Open Dog (4,1)

1st Bethell’s Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Taevas of Minforst (imp usa) Ir J Ch. I’m so pleased this dog entered today as I have been a fan since his puppy days, I judged him as a young adult and commented that he was a bit on the heavy side and the extra weight was hindering his movement, I’m sure the owner won’t mind me publicly congratulating her on the hard work she has put in to get this boy back to an ideal weight and in good condition. 4 year old and a lovely deep gold wheaten colour which really does catch the eye. Best in the class for shape and size in profile, good ratios. Lovely strong masculine head with well set ears used well, lovely dark colour to his eye. Good shape and length to neck, good shoulder placement, well developed front and lovely level topline. Tail set set could be higher but corrects on the move. Coat was in good condition. Movement was good when he had his head up. Lost out in challenge for BoB as the bitch just had the extra drive on the move. BD RBOB

2nd Walmsley’s Blakk Extacy Van Koekie’s Ranch (Imp). 5 year black boy and overall bigger than 1 in frame but proportions are still good, Another strong masculine head with well set ears, dark eye, correct bite. Good strong neck, good in front, tight feet, good for bone, level topline, good rib set. Really well muscled throughout and good hind angulation. Tail set well but curl could be tighter. Shown in his summer jacket and what was there was of good texture and condition. Good on the move, nice drive from the back but making it look effortless. RBD

3rd Butler’s Arnscroft Aces Hi Di of Telstar. 5 year male and again another dog in overall good condition but really not playing ball today for his handler. Wheaten in colour, good shape to head, clean bite, good dark eye. Well set shoulders and good level topline, His coat is not at its best at the moment and his reluctance to perform cost him a higher placing. He is a good, well muscled and well constructed dog and his movement shows this, just today was beaten on the move by the other 2. His day will come.

Open Bitch (1)

1st Bethell’s Lux Ch Int Ch Arnscroft Gald Di Ola at Minforst. 5 year wheaten and very light wheaten and this really makes her stand out. She has the prettiest of faces and a good shape to head, well set ears and used them to her advantage, eye for me could be darker to finish off the look. Good lay of shoulder, nice front. Nice tight feet and good on rib. Topline good and tail set well but could carry it higher when moving, well angled front and back and good muscle tone. On the move shes nice and light. Out moved today by her daughter who is approaching her peak.

Neil Hood