Norwegian Buhund

City of Birmingham



I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging the Buhunds at this show, and found the overall type in our breed has improved impressively since I last judged 4 years ago. I am sure this is in part due to the several imports that have joined us over the last few years which is only good for the breed. Thank you to those of you that could join us and special thanks to our stewards for doing a super job. I didn’t find any incorrect bites and on the whole movement was good with a few just not being quite as strong as others. Being the time of year it is, many of the coats were not in full bloom, but that was only to be expected. The sportsmanship of this breed is excellent and should serve as an example to many others.

PG (1/0) 1st Butler’s Arnscroft Aces High Di of Telstar, 2 year old wheaten. Good type with pleasing outline, short coupled and slightly drawn up underneath. Correct head and expression with lovely dark eye. Good ear set and used well. Lovely tail set centrally placed and with correct tight curl. Best mover in class with clean action coming and going. 2nd Cook’s Arnscroft Di Ablo. Almost 20 months wheaten. Another of correct type with attractive head nicely wedged with a dark eye. Slightly longer cast than but very similar in most points. Sound on the move, but rather erratic, would maybe benefit from further training. 3rd Cobb & Kent’s Knytshall Diamond Ted.

OD (2/0) 1st Shorer-Wheeler, Wheeler & Gillies Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel JW. Just 2 yr old wheaten. It is no secret that I have always admired this dog, it was a pleasure to be able to put my hands on him today, he really does not disappoint. Superb type, lightly built but with enough substance, balanced outline and correct moderate angulation fore and aft. Masculine head without being overdone at this young age with lovely dark eye of correct shape. Beautifully set ears which are very mobile accentuating the super wedge shape to his head. Moderate neck leading to excellent topline, body of correct length and short in loin with good rib and slightly drawn up. Good fore-chest given by correctly laid back shoulders and good length of upper arm which is sadly lacking in many Buhunds in this country. Rear angulated sufficiently to give a totally balance picture which shows on the move. Super texture to his coat which although lacking today is still good quality. This dog has such an easy side gait, covering the ground effortlessly, and totally balanced. Front movement could be a fraction tidier, but rear was spot on. Correct tight oval feet. A pleasure to judge and very pleased to award him BD, BOB and the final Single CC given in this breed. 2nd Hood & Collin’s Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex ShCM. 4 year old wheaten of slightly different type. I liked a lot about this boy. Correct wedge head with good ears used well and lovely expression. Slightly longer cast than 1, but by no means long. Super body with good rib and correct coat. Not as balanced on the move being slightly more upright in shoulder with shorter upper-arm but moderate angulation on the rear leading to an overstepping gait. Nice straight rear but slightly toeing in on the front. His overall quality won him RBD.

GCD (1/0) 1st Shorer-Wheeler, Wheeler & Gillies Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel JW.

PGB (1/0) 1st Cobb & Kent’s Knytshall Angel Delight. 20 mth old wheaten. Pretty feminine girl of pleasing type. A little too lightly built for my preference but nice size with a correct outline. A good
wedge shape head with correct expression and dark eye. Good topline leading to well carried and curled tail. Moved soundly fore and aft but would prefer a little more drive.

LB (2/0) 1st Cobb & Kent’s Trollheimen Elske To Knytshall (Imp USA). 19 month black. Another very feminine girl of excellent size with super square outline. Good head shape being correctly wedged but would like a slightly stronger muzzle. Moderate neck flowing nicely into the level topline. Well set and curled tail. A little lacking in coat but was great texture. Balanced, moderate angulation which showed in her easy flowing movement which was straight coming and going though would have preferred a little more drive. A pleasing overall picture would just prefer a fraction more substance throughout. Her clean, balanced movement won her BB & RCC. 2nd Rumsey’s Arnscroft Di Nah May. Just two year old wheaten sister to my BOB winner. Lovely type with good head, eye and ear set. Firm topline and well curled tail which was held well. More substance than 1 but unfortunately not as good coming or going on the move. Very attractive bitch though.

OB (3/1) 1st Deuchar, Maun and Stirling’s Arnscroft Di Sing On Ice. 5 yr old wheaten. Dam of my BOB winner. Love her breed type. Nice wedge head with marked stop. Would prefer a little more infil under the eye. Lovely expression with dark eye. Correct ears which were very mobile. Solid in body with good rib but slightly longer cast. In good coat but a little softer in texture. Excellent tail set with tight curl. Moved ok, front was straight but rear not quite as sound. Her overall type and correct tail won her the class RBB. 2nd Vines Ch Ailort Just In Time. 5.5 yr old wheaten of very different type. Nice wedge head but would prefer a slightly more marked stop. Ears used and set correctly. Moderate neck and firm topline leading to nicely placed tail but very little curl. Good substance throughout, with good spring of rib but longer cast body. Good front movement but rear not quite as sound.

Judge: Camille Pentland