Norwegian Buhund

Club Open Show

Show Date: Saturday 13th July 2019

Judge: Darren Clarke

Results & Critiques

Grateful thanks to the Officers and Committee of the NBCUK for the invitation to judge their Open show held in conjunction with NWPB Ch. show. Having attended and judged a few back–to –back Club shows, this concept seems to be working well with regard to entries which inturn is advantageous for exhibitors, Judges and the Clubs.

I was looking for a functional, lightly built Buhund that was capable of doing a days’ work. Never large in numbers but always plenty of quality to be found and today was no exception. All here matched the breed standard well, soundly constructed and had typical Spitz key features.

Mouths were good through the entry as was eye colour, giving the keen and ‘ready to go’ expression the breed requires. All had a good side gait with a moderate stride but some could be better out and back.

Tails were generally good, most had a tight curl but some could be set a bit higher. Coats too were good and it was good to see some blacks in the entry.

Thanks to the exhibitors for the support, there seemed to be a friendly atmosphere ringside and so good to hear everyone congratulating the winners.

PD (1) 1st Deuchar’s Rikarlo Gable. A cracking 10 month old puppy to start with. Loved his size and masculinity but typical lightly built and very functional. Well balanced all through, compact and excelled in head properties, sound conformation and correct tail. Wearing his summer clothes but good colour and texture. Attentive to handler. Sound, easy mover. Think he will have a great future. BPD & BPIS.

LD (1) 1st Hood & Wildig’s Sturtmoor Eeza Geeza At Buhcafrey. At 3 years this young dog is approaching full maturity and looks the part. Excellent wedge-shaped head, flat skull and masculine in outlook. Strong neck, sufficient chest. Good bone and stands on oval feet. Excellent topline, moderate angles, Tail set ok. Moved well from profile. Good double coat.

OD (3) Three excellent dogs here, could easily change places on another day. 1st Cobb & Kent’s Ch. Koromandel Best Served Cold At Knytshall. Such a typical representative of the breed. Everything in moderation and totally unexaggerated. Excellent head, good eye shape, dark and expressive. High set ears, used to best advantage. Holds his compact outline well at all times. Firm topline, short loins and moderate angulation front and back. In hard muscular condition. Double coat of even colour. Moved out well in all directions with a medium stride and plenty of drive from the soundest of hocks. BD & RBIS.

2nd Stonton’s Ch. Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack. Equally impressive in all departments. Loved his head and expression. Uses his ears well, pleasing size and high set. Good conformation, body and correct bone and feet . Free mover, driving well at the rear, just not quite as good coming towards as 1st. Excellent, high set, tightly curled tail. In lovely coat and condition. RBD.

3rd Smith’s Ch. Arnscroft Never Say Di. Have awarded this lovely Champion BOB in the past and still rate him highly. Pleasing for type, just slightly heavier built all through. Good head, conformation and a scopey, free mover. Good showman and well handled.

VD (1) 1st Hood’s Ch. Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex. Great favourite of mine. Now 9 years and shows no signs of slowing down, still looking and showing as well as he’s ever done. Credit to his owner/handler for keeping him in this form. Classic wedge head, dark eye and excellent high set ears, used to accentuate his expression. Medium neck, deep, functional chest, good front angulation, Moderate bone and good feet. Firm topline, short loins and excellent quarters. Holds his tail ok, tightly curled and gives off and excellent overall picture. Pleased to award him BVIS.

SP Vintage D (3) 1st Vines’ Ch. Ailort Highlander At Parvodene. In amazing condition for his 12 years young and proving how well the breed lasts. Good type, liked his size and masculinity. Great head and expression. Well made all through and in good coat. Excellent profile mover, just giving a bit at the rear today. Excellent tail. Gives his all for his handler which is heart warming to see. Thanks for bringing him.

2nd Deuchar’s Ch/Bel Ch Tonylynn’s Charles Lafitte. Also 12 years and in equally good condition for his age. A good type, functional and workmanlike in outlook. Pleasing head and ears. Dark and expressive eye. Good to go over on the stack and still moving very well.

3rd Deacon & Cobb’s Ch. Knytshall Ferdig. Grand old man of 14 years. A black of lovely type, size and outline. Still giving a good account of himself. Good conformation and moving well for his age. Seemed to enjoy his day out.

Sp. Wkg D (3) 1st Ch. A In Di Ana J.

2nd R. Gable

3rd Cobb & Kent’s Knytshall Diamond Ted. Well grown, mature dog. Has many attributes and appeals in head and outline on the stack. Had his mind on other things today and a bit unsettled on the move. Tail set ok. Good coat for colour and texture.

PB (2) 1st Crocker’s Leggatts Voulez Vous. Lovely black. Feminine, lightly built with correct bone and substance for her frame. Pretty head, nice eye and uses her ears well. Good front and rear. Moved well. Correct tail. Lovely coat and condition.

YB (1) 1st Gilpin’s Rikarlo Gaynor. A really promising bitch of 10 months and attending her first show. Beautiful head, wedge-shape, flat skull and correct balance with muzzle. Medium neck, balanced angles, good body and tail. Sound out and back and excellent side gait. Litter sister to PD winner and they made a pleasing pair in the run-off for BPIS. Close-up but not the maturity of her brother. BPB.

PGB (1) 1st Frost, Frost-Treadwell & Walmsley’s Trelowen Amelia At Frostisen. Standing alone but could easily win in company. Feminine size but has enough bone and substance to do a days work. Good head and expression. Ears of pleasing size, set and used well. Good overall conformation. Tight, oval feet. Moved well once settled. Excellent handling and presentation.

LB (3) 1st Crocker’s Knytshall Noor Ul Ain. Compact, lightly built black of excellent type. Good head shape, correct ears, good reach of neck, sound front and rear and excellent high set , tightly curled tail. In lovely coat and condition. Moved with a moderate stride, sound and freely.

2nd Hood’s Trelowen Dark ‘N’ Stormy. Another lovely black. Slightly heavier built than 1st due to carrying a bit too much weight. Equally pleasing in head properties, outline, conformation and a good mover in all directions. Beautifully handled and presented, as were all from this exhibitor.

OB 1st Garvie’s Ch. Rhialis Psyche. Stunning bitch from any angle and a very worthy Ch. Feminine and has excellent balance both in head and body proportions. Compact outline, medium neck leading to a well laid shoulder and return of upper arm. Deep chest. Good bone. Firm topline and short, muscular loins. Well angled rear and firm hocks. Excellent tail, well set and tight curl. Stands on functional, oval feet. In lovely coat and condition. Excellent mover. No hesitation in awarding her this good class of bitches, BB & BIS. Congratulations!

2nd Cobb & Kent’s Knytshall Angel Delight. Smaller than 1st but a great outline on the stack and so good for type. Pretty, shapely head, dark, expressive eye and well set and used ears. Excellent conformation and her handler gets every inch out of her. Moved very well, displaying reach and drive. Good tail. Liked her a lot.

3rd Irvine & Gillies’ Kimura’s Vera With Tapui. Completed a lovely trio. Mature, typical head and outline. Liked her sie and shape. Excellent dark almond eye giving the correct expression. Good conformation, sound in all directions.

VB (3) 1st Stonton’s Trelowen Andrea. Typey veteran of 8 years. So much to like. Good head shape, eye and ears. Moderate neck, mature body. Good bone for her size. Excellent overall conformation. In lovely coat and condition. Moved with reach and drive and a medium stride.

2nd Lambert & Owen’s Ch. Bernegarden’s Reve Enka Av Sturtmoor. Another good Ch. Different type to 1st. Pleasing head and expression. Reachy neck. Good front and rear angles. Slightly longer cast but keeps her outline at all times. Moved ok. Presented in immaculate coat. Beautifully handled.

3rd Cobb & Kent’s Ch. Trollheimen Elske To Knytshall. 7 year old and pleasing for her light, functional build and general outline. Good wedge head, expressive eye and an eager showgirl. Good to go over on the stack. Just a bit unsettled on the move today.

Sp. VB (1) 1st Cobb & Kent’s Ch. Trelowen Veryan To Knytshall. Really super veteran, 10 years and totally belies her age. Compact outline. Excellent balance all through. Correct head, excellent eye shape, ears of correct size and set and used at all times. Medium neck leading to a well angled front. Firm topline, short loin excellent rear quarters and a tightly curled tail. Moved soundly in all directions and in good double coat. Pushed the VD all the way. RBB & BVB.

Sp Working B (3) 1st Garvie’s Rhialis Lucina. Full sister to BIS and they are very similar in many ways. Good for type and outline, pleasing head and conformation and a keen showgirl. Heavier built all through and not quite the lightness of foot on the move but a worthy representative that should easily gain her crown. Good coat. Sound mover.

2nd T. Andrea.

3rd K. Noor Ui Ain.

Brace (1) 1st Crocker’s. Black mother and daughter. So similar for type, size and outline. They moved very well in unison. Worthy winning pair.

Breeders (2) 1st K Diamond Ted

2nd L Voulez Vous.

Sp. Not Bred By Exhibitor ($) 1st Ch. K Best Served Cold At K.

2nd K Vera At T.

3rd T Amelia At F.

Darren Clarke (Judge)


Best In Show – Ch Rhialis Psyche ShCM

Reserve Best In Show/Best Opposite Sex – Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall

Best Puppy In Show – Rikarlo Gable

Reserve Best Puppy In Show – Rikarlo Gaynor

Best Veteran In Show – Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex ShCM

Reserve Best Veteran/Reserve Best Bitch Ch Trelowen Veryan at Knytshall RL1

Reserve Best Dog Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack +Best Black Leggatts Voulez Vous


Puppy Dog Rikarlo Gable

Junior Dog Rikarlo Gable

Limit Dog Sturtmoor Eeza Geeza at Bucafrey

Open Dog

1st Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall

2nd Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack

3rd Ch Arnscroft Never Say Di

Veteran Dog Ch Arnscroft Di Nah Sawr Us Rex ShCM

Special Vintage Dog

1st Ch Ailort Highlander with Parvodene JW ShCM

2nd Ch/Bel Ch Tonylynns Charles Lafitte AW(P) RL2 Ex

3rd Ch Knytshall Ferdig

Special Working Dog

1st Ch Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack

2nd Rikarlo Gable

3rd Knytshall Diamond Ted

Res Ch/Bel Ch Tonylynns Charles Lafitte AW(P) RL2 Ex

Puppy Bitch Leggatts Voulez Vous

Yearling Bitch Rikarlo Gaynor

Novice Bitch Rikarlo Gaynor

Post Grad Bitch Trelowen Amelia At Frostisen

Limit Bitch 1st Knytshall Noor Ul Ain

2nd Trelowen Dark’N’Stormy

Open Bitch

1st Ch Rhialis Psyche ShCM

2nd Knytshall Angel Delight RL2 Ex

3rd Kimuras Vera With Tapui

Res Ch Arnscroft Di Na May

VHC Kimura’s Tyra At Arnscroft

Veteran Bitch

1st Trelowen Andrea AW(S)

2nd Ch Bernegardens Reve Enke Av Sturtmoor

3rd Ch Trollheimen Elske To Knytshall

Special Vintage Bitch Ch Trelowen Veryan at Knytshall RL1

Special Working Bitch

1st Rhialis Lucina

2nd Trelowen Andrea AW(S)

3rd Knytshall Noor Ul Ain

Best Brace Sue Crockers Blacks

Best Bred By

1st Knytshall Diamond Ted

2nd Leggatts Voulez Vous

Best Not Bred By

1st Ch Koromandel Best Served Cold at Knytshall

2nd Kimura’s Vera At Tapui

3rd Trelowen Amelia At Frostisen