Norwegian Buhund


CRUFTS 06/03/2014 Norwegian Buhunds

Norwegian Buhunds

Firstly, I would like to say what an honour it was for me to judge my original breed at Crufts. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience & thank all the exhibitors for their sportsmanship & accepting my placing with good grace. I would also like to thank my stewards who kept the ring running efficiently.

I was delighted to note that my RDCC, RBCC/BP were sired by my BOB winner.

VD 1 Deacon & Cobb’s Ch Knytshall Ferdig, black exhibit a shade over 9 years of age. Shown in good condition. Moved without exaggeration & full of energy. Strode out well maintaining his outline at all times. Worthy of his title; 2 Norman’s Trelowen Govyn of Marambu, what a star at a mere 13 ½ years of age. Covered the ground well & full of enthusiasm. Presented a pleasing outline; 3 Bowe’s Trelowen Cantyr among Ekusen, approaching 8 years of age & still exhibits a lot of breed type. Not quite as settled as 1&2 & moved a little erratically on the day. PD 1 Cook’s Arnscroft Di Ablo, caught my eye immediately, I loved his head & expression. Moved well with a good stride covering the ground with ease. Correct tail; 2 Bethell’s Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Trevas, lots to like about this exhibit, excellent tailset, good overall outline that presented a correct outline. Moved well but unfortunately did not use his ears to best advantage; 3 Avery’s Njordr Odinsonn av Fjeldvidda, another quality exhibit with good proportions & shape. Compact body, good topline, however would have liked a little more of him. JD 1 Kent & Cobb’s Knytshall Diamond Ted, excellent exhibit, good looking lovely wheaten. Good size, coat & tail. Moved well. Lovely expression & eye; 2 Kent’s Trelowen Black Seal, black exhibit somewhat smaller than 1, nevertheless I liked his breed type. I was impressed by his light & active stride. PGD 1 Coe’s Trelowen Big Daddy, not the biggest despite his name! However a lot to like about him. Lovely expression, moved well coming & going & maintaining his topline. Used his ears to advantage; 2 Walmesley’s Blakk Extacy van Koekie’s Ranch, black exhibit, bigger than my class winner. Pleasing head with a very dark eye. Preferred overall movement of 1. Front movement could have been better on the day. LD 1 Bowe’s Tokyn Douglas among Ekusen, I loved this dog’s head & expression finished off with such a lovely eye. Sufficiently compact, with an excellent tail. Good rear movement however front movement could have been better; 2 Deuchar’s Trelowen Ancorya, pleasing exhibit with a good head & expression, however would have liked a slightly darker eye. Benefited from good overall balance & movement. Would have preferred a better tail. OD 1 Penniston-Fleming& William’s Ch/Am Ch Visions Dino at Trellheimen, what a credit to his breed this dog is! He has such superb ring presence. An exhibit that in my opinion fits the breed Standard superbly, I loved everything about him. Great shape, topline, lovely eye, good movement, coat & tailset. It was my pleasure to award him the CC & BOB; 2 Cale, Dobson & Evans’ Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor, moved around the ring with a lovely light & free gait which should be so typical. Super expression with excellent eye. I loved his shape& soundness I had no hesitation in awarding him the RCC; 3 Pentland’s Ch Svartkonge av Sturtmoor, a quality black exhibit, compact & showing a lovely outline with good topline. Moved well. GCD 1 Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel, excellent breed type, I loved his overall picture particularly in profile. Used his ears to good advantage. Lovely reach of neck & good tail. Would have just preferred a darker eye; 2 Ch K Ferdig.

VB 1 Norman’s Tokyn Keeva of Marambu, what an exhibit who defies her years! Lovely head & expression with excellent dark eye. Moved well & is in good condition & jacket; 2 Issac’s Fullani Feema avec Tonylynn, smaller exhibit than my class winner & one I felt could benefit from carrying a little less weight as this appeared to affect her movement. That said she had a good outline & a true head & expression. PB 1 Garvie’s Rhialis Psyche, I just loved this young lady! A beautiful youngster, so light & balanced on the move. Lovely head & expression with such dark eyes. Happy & full of confidence for one so young. On size I gave her the benefit of the doubt. She fought off stiff opposition for the RCC & I hope she fulfils her promise. JB 1 Cobb & Kent’s Knytshall Angel Delight, loved this one’s profile on the move – again light & free. Lovely expression with a dark eye. Showed to advantage using her good length of neck. PGB 1 K Angel Delight; 2 Seward’s Trelowen Who’s The Daddy for Elleonia, smaller exhibit than 1 giving in my opinion a slightly unbalanced profile however that said – she benefits from an excellent tail & very well set on plus a lovely dark eye & expression. LB 1 Murchison, Martin, Evans & Martin’s Arnscroft Di Or Comply, I loved this exhibit, excellent breed type. Great tail & set, well balanced throughout. Dark eyes, excellent expression using her ears to maximum advantage. Moved well. One of the best set of feet on the day; 2 Sercombe’s Tokyn Sequoia, lighter in build than 1, with a lovely expression being enhanced by those excellent dark eyes. Also used ears to advantage; 3 Cobb & Kent’s Trollheimen Elske to Knythshall, excellent black exhibit. Lighter in bone than 1 & 2. Good tail & feet. Moved well going & coming. OB 1 Cale, Pentland, Norman & Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Kiss And Tell Di for Sturtmoor, an exhibit of stunning quality from this famous kennel. She oozed breed type & I loved her light yet compact body. Well set tail & good carriage. Lovely expression enhanced by such dark eyes. Moved well. I had great pleasure in awarding her the CC; 2 Stewart, Cross, Davies & Evans’ Ch/Ir Ch Arnscroft Di Di Di Delilah, again a quality exhibit with such breed type & from the same stable as the CC winner. Lovely dark eye & good expression. Neat, tight feet she moved well maintaining her outline coming & going; 3 Pentland’s Bernegarden’s Reve Enka av Sturtmoor, there is a lot to like about this exhibit & I loved the outlines of my first 3 placings in what I considered to be a class of great quality. I was drawn to her & she has obvious attributes however she could benefit from a little weight loss in my opinion.