Norwegian Buhund



Norwegian Buhunds

PD (2) Two lovely puppies, very hard to split. 1 Pentland’s Sturtmoor Destiny’s Day, 11 month old black boy, strong well filled head, good stop, good width to skull, strong muzzle, very well set ear of good size & shape, tight lips, loved his size, gleaming condition, nice tight feet, well set & carried tail, moved very well, really lovely to watch in profile; 2 Glaholm’s Sturtmoor’s Dream Maker at Gazenorth, this 11 month old wheaten young lady is heart-stoppingly pretty, beautiful liquid dark eye, well set ears, lovely pigment, could have a little more substance, tight feet, excellent body shape & ribbing, moved very well. J (2) 1 Bethell’s Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Taevas, 17 month old boy of excellent size, strong masculine head, good fill to muzzle, but little bit too short & bridge could be straighter, good stop, well placed dark eye, well set ear of good size & shape, lovely overall outline, pleasing balanced angulation, very good depth of chest, neat correct underline, strong topline, lovely harsh coat, well set tightly curled tail, very sound mover, really liked him & will watch his future; 2 Smith, Deuchar & Deuchar’s Kimura Tyra at Arnscroft, very pretty wheaten young lady just out of puppy, excellent overall outline, well set & carried tail, strong well held topline for age, pleasing head, lovely dark eye, well set ears, beautiful pigment, nice tight feet, needs to come together in movement yet, such a baby. OD (2) 1 Dobson, Cale & Evans’ Ch Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor, 2 year old super masculine wheaten lad, this boy has the most beautiful balanced masculine head, good fill, correct stop, lovely width to skull, strong muzzle with good underjaw & topline, lovely tight lips & pigment, the darkest, tightest eye, well set & used ears, loved his outline standing, excellent depth to body, lovely compact overall shape, good underline, strong well held topline, well set tail with good curl, lovely bone but not heavy, moved out very well. BD & BOB; 2 Shorer-Wheeler, Wheeler & Gillies’ Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel, another 2 year old wheaten, very similar to 1 in many ways, head of good balance with everything there, gorgeous expression, just not quite the maturity in body or coat of 1 today, but he moves so well for his very young handler. RBD. OB (4) 1 Cale, Pentland & Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Kiss And Tell Di for Sturtmoor, 5 year old wheaten in her prime, lovely compact body shape, good depth of chest, strong well held topline, well set tightly curled tail, lovely bone & substance, tight feet, really liked her head, good balance skull to muzzle, good width to skull, well filled, tight lips, well set ear, little bit short in upper arm, stands nice & straight front & rear, moved out very well. BB; 2 Pentland’s Bernegarden’s Reve Enka Av Sturtmoor, 4 year old wheaten girl, very pleasing overall outline, very feminine, very light in body, very alert expression, balanced skull to muzzle, lovely pigment, dark expressive eye, head could be a little bigger for perfection & could tighten a little in movement, but liked her overall type. RBB; 3 Bethell’s Lux Ch Arnscroft Glad Di Ola.