Norwegian Buhund


DRIFFIELD CH SHOW 18/09/2014  Norwegian Buhunds

Norwegian Buhunds

I’ve always been classed as an all-rounder but as most of you know I’ve had Buhunds stealing my armchair for almost 40 years. I just hope it continues & that the breed, the dogs that is, stay in such outstanding condition, type, & biddable temperament.

JD 1 Pentland’s Sturtmoor Destiny’s Day, a black youngster, just over a year old, has a lot to offer but needs to fill out, & to settle in presentation. Top size, quite masculine for his age. Lovely profile, including head which is absolutely defined from the side. Ears high set & firm. Neck of good length just the right amount of arch, which scores well in profile. Wither high, short firm back, good shoulders, upper arm a little straight, elbows well tucked-in. Forelegs straight, just enough slope to pasterns. Rear angles OK. Strong short hocks, sound in all directions, but erratic on the move. Once he grows on I’m sure he will become easier to keep collected. Promising. YD 1 Cobb & Kent’s Knytshall Diamond Ted, 2 years, pale wheaten, lovely head, did well in presentation, very attentive, carrying a little too much weight, in profile he has a lovely outline, so well boned, but again a little too heavy. Did well on the move with good forward reach, & very sound coming & going, I feel he needs work of any description; 2 Bethels’ Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Taevas, about 18 months, rich wheaten, his head is his fortune, well developed from all angles, ultra confident, good reach of neck into a topline that need to firm up, his forehand was good, but not so his rear assembly. A straight stifle didn’t provide any drive on the move. Pity. PGD 1 Coe’s Trelowen Big Daddy, a 2 year old in excellent condition, close to top size bearing in mind this breed is medium size. Stood well over the ground, but still need to be kept in his place. Strong head, eye a little round. Very good earset, good pigment. I’ve got will settle in my notes, but I don’t think that’s the right explanation, I feel safer with buoyant, which in the long run needs to be controlled. With help could be a better option. Come on people, set in & help. LD 1 Walmsley’s Blakk Extacy van Koekie’s Ranch, 2½ years black male, really top for size, handled well covering a lot of ground when standing, lovely profile, even proportions & I mean even. Classic head, muzzle & head parallel. Eye shape good. High reach of neck is not overdone & fits in well with his profile, back short & level. Good for bone, has very good shoulders, coupled of course to a rather short upper arm. Good underline. Rear construction OK, but I would like a more turn of stifle, but there is a question mark in my notes about uneven ground. This could be part of the problem. On the move he let you down I just don’t know if it’s the handler or the dog. I would have to see you move him a few more times, get it sorted, I did give him a second look in the challenge; 2 Deuchar’s Trelowen Ancorya, a wheaten male about 5 years of age, not in full bloom but a lot to be said about him. Strong in all areas, the owner will not mind me saying one of an older type. He has bone, muscle & a confidence so sadly lacking in our new era Bu’s. Rather heavily built, but has ring presence & the ability to please, lovely profile, sound & just coasting around the ring. This old man gave me an awful lot of pleasure just being in the same ring. Thank you. OD 1 Dobson, Cale & Evans’ Ch Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor, a 2 year old, rather mature for his age. A wheaten of even colour, just a little light on coat at the moment. One gets the feeling early on in the class if something special is put in front of you. One of the few today that I didn’t have to struggle to see teeth, from then on it was plain sailing (with sailor of course). Fabulous head from all angles. Not coarse& not too heavy, well proportioned skull, earset active, neck of good length. Into high wither following a medium length strong well muscled topline, his tailset is just as good as it gets, never slack during his time in the ring. His profile suggest power & strength. He has this in abundance. Height, width, length, it’s all there. Legs straight, tidy feet, just a slight incline to pastern. His underline is perfect. He has the best rear assembly of any Bu present today, both upper & lower thigh of equal length & a moderate tuck. Would really like to see this exhibit giving a flock of sheep the once over. His smooth action, forward reach, & follow through gave him the top spot, side gait smooth & easy. Very well handled. CC, BOB & G4. Delightful. GCD 1 Shorer-Wheeler& Wheeler-Gillies’ Charmscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel, 2 years wheaten, looks a lot younger than his age, light in frame. Well presented. This one has similar attributes to my BOB, with outstanding profile & very even proportions. The from skull to tail superb. Well defined wither, all angles good, I felt he didn’t respond on the move, & needs an extra gear, but I still felt he came a good second on the day, a well deserved RCC, will keep an eye on this one.

JB 1 Garvie’s Rhialis Psyche, 16 months, rich wheaten, unlike her stable mate well under control,& in a very biddable mood, I felt she responded well to all commands & stood confident & full of pride. Lovely soft expression, balanced head coupled with good pigment. Neck, shoulders & topline very good. Front assembly so well made, but I feel a slight increase in foreleg would be more harmonious. Very tidy feet. Underline very good. Rear angle very good, just the right amount of turn. Hock vertical short & strong, gave her the pace & balance on the move, I don’t know who was more surprised the handler or myself. CC. A lovely girl. Well done; 2 Glaholm’s Sturmoor’s Dream Maker at Gazenorth, a young girl just over a year old, very light in frame, pale wheaten, has much to offer, but needs to be trained to much higher level to achieve success. Kept my eye on her, but found movement needs to be tightened up. Side gait is OK but coming & away did not look all that good, close, far too slow, another gear& see how it goes; 3 Smith & Deucher’s Kimura Tyre at Arnscroft. YB 1 Cobb & Kent’s Knytshall Angel Delight, pale wheaten, pushing 3 years, on her own but very attentive, good for type, strong expression, looked very contented, & responded well to handler’s instruction. She is I feel gone as far as she can as far as growth is concerned. Shoulders are good providing both length & angle. Topline a little soft. Rear assembly OK, as with most today very good short strong hocks. The breed really does score highly in this area. Well done. Didn’t reach out on the move, but still very sound. PGB 1 K Angel Delight. LB 1 Rumsey’s Arnscroft Di Nah May, just over 2 years, & at first glance her profile suggested she has the ability to move out, not so. Maybe the handling was at fault? Standing she looked good. Lovely expression, so biddable, darkest of eye, neat well placed ears, neck, wither, & topline all in line. Quite firm to the touch. Front & rear angles good, very erratic on the move as I’ve already said, but sound, with I’m sure bags of room for improvement. Best of luck. OB 1 Cale, Pentland & Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Kiss And Tell Di for Sturtmoor, 5 year old in her prime & handled to perfection both on the move & in presentation. Way out in front in this class. Beautiful head, level planes, eyes dark, pigment good, tight lips, well places ears. Her neck does not need to be any longer, I feel at times over baiting makes the exhibit over stretch which is producing the wrong profile. She has a high wither, sloping to a firm level topline with an excellent tail& set. Shoulder & front assembly could not be any better, as with her rear they produced the movement I so admire. The action was correct, smooth& so sound. Kept straight at all times. Well done. RCC. Says a lot for the youngster that went best; 2 Garvie’s Ch Ailort Just Jinks, a mature 6 year old,& I’ll make no bones about it she really did disappoint in presentation. A bitch I’ve long admired, one who I feel really does fit the Standard, but lack of control was so evident. She has such a fabulous head, strength in body without being coarse, feminine through & through, but unfortunately a mind of her own. All angles good, bone good, her colour is her fortune. I’m hoping there will be another day; 3 Pentland’s Bernegarden’s Reve Enka av Sturtmoor.