Norwegian Buhund

National Work & Past Breeds Champ Show (CCs)

Show Date:    Saturday 14th July 2018

Judge: Mrs M Wallbank

Results & Critiques

Such a pity that there are so few youngsters around at the moment. A small entry but I was pleased to see that the exhibits were very even in type with the correct lean wedge shaped head, dark eyes and fearless expression. Front movement is still a problem, not helped by the very uneven ring and dry spiky grass. I thoroughly enjoyed my day at one of my favourite shows with sporting exhibitors.

Puppy Dog (0)

Junior Dog (1)

 1st. RDCC.  Cobb & Kent’s Koromandel Best Served Cold. Promising 14 mths old. Light but compact build with a good head and mobile ears which he didn’t always use to advantage. Correct length of neck, short strong topline and well set tail. Excellent correct harsh coat. Light active movement. Close up for the CC but, in the end, maturity won over youth.

Post Grad Dog (0)

 Limit Dog (1)

 1st.  Stonton’s Arnscroft In Di Ana Jack. 2 year old, not yet fully mature, shown in very good condition. Lightly built with good length of neck, correct coat and lovely small, neat feet. Good angulation but has a tendency to overstretch his hindquarters when standing which makes him appear longer than he actually is.

Open Dog (2)

 1st DCC. Smith’s Ch. Arnscroft Never Say Di. Mature, masculine dog shown in excellent condition with a very good head and expression. Good harsh coat and lovely neat feet. Plenty of substance but I wouldn’t want him to be any heavier. Correct moderate angulation and bone. Moved with purpose around the ring but had a tendency to flick his front feet – which could well have been due to the horrible surface today.

2nd Walmsley’s Blakk Extacy Van Koekie’s Ranch (Imp). Smart looking dog shown in lovely coat and condition. Correct size with level topline and a good tail which unfortunately started to droop and spoiled his otherwise nice outline. Bit erratic on the move today but sympathetically handled and such a lovely temperament.

Veteran D/B (2, 1abs)

 1st. Cobb & Kent’s Ch. Trelowen Veryan to Knytshall. 9 yr old bitch. One I have always admired and it was nice to see her looking so well and active. Still has a lovely head and expression, lightly built with a coarse weatherproof coat, good topline and small neat feet. She was more interested in looking for cowpats than moving correctly.

Special Beginners D/B (0)

 Puppy Bitch (0)

 Junior Bitch (1)

1st CC BOB.  Butterworth & Butterworth’s Koromandel Gild the Lily. Such a pretty, feminine bitch of 14 months. Lightly built but compact, ideal size with coarse weatherproof coat. Lovely length of neck, strong level topline and tightly curled well set tail. Correct angulation and the right amount of bone all combine to give a picture of a well balanced bitch with lovely outline. Light active movement with good reach. Obviously less mature than the DCC winner but she won on her balance and lighter build.

 Post Graduate Bitch (0)

 Limit Bitch (5, 4)

 1st  Crocker’s Knytshall Noor Ul Ain. Have long admired this bitch from the ringside, so pretty with a feminine head and expression, nice size and build but looking a little tubby today. Good angulation with strong hindquarters and small tight feet. Not very interested in showing and looked as if she would rather be doing something more interesting. As a result she tended to drop her tail which spoiled her outline.

Open Bitch (2, 1)

 1st RCC  Shorer-Weaver’s Maidofcopper for Koromandel. Well presented very smart typical  bitch of correct size and build, good coat of correct texture. Lovely head and small neat feet. Well constructed and proportioned. Could easily change places with the CC winner but today looked a little heavier over the shoulder than the winner. Dam of the BCC and RDCC winners so not just a pretty face..

2nd Cobb & Kent’s Knytshall Angel Delight RL1Ex Another pretty, feminine bitch with a good head, eye and expression, mobile ears. Very typical,  correct size, active light movement.

Judge: Morwenna Wallbank