Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund Championship Show

Norwegian Buhund Club Championship Show Results

18th October 2014

Judge: Margaret Deuchar

Entry – 20 Dogs, 22 Bitches

6 absentees (4 dogs and 2 bitches)



 CH/IR CH Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor (Dobson, Cale & Evans)


 Bernegardens Reve Enka Av Sturtmoor (Imp NOR) (Pentland)

 Res Dog CC – Trelowen Big Daddy (Coe)

Res Bitch CC – Rhialis Psyche (Garvie, Mrs G)

Best Veteran in Show – Trelowen Govyn of Marambu (Norman)


Junior Dog (3/0) 1st – Sturtmoor Destiny’s Day (Pentland) 2nd – Sturtmoor Danfandango (Owens) 3rd – Rhialis Apollo (Gavie, Mr S)

Yearling Dog (2/0) 1st – Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Taevas (Imp USA) (Bethell) 2nd – Trelowen Black Seal (Kent, Ms R)

Novice Dog (2/0) 1st – Rhialis Mercury (De Deny) 2nd – Sturtmoor Danfandango (Owens)

Post Graduate Dog (3/0) 1st – Trelowen Big Daddy (Coe) 2nd – Knytshall Diamond Ted (Cobb, Cobb & Kent, Mrs N) 3rd – Odin Ved Rikarlo (Imp NOR) (Bolton)

Limit Dog (3/1) 1st – Blakk Extacy Van Koekie’s Ranch (Imp NLD) (Walmsley) 2nd – Odin Ved Rikarlo (Bolton)

Open Dog (3/0) 1st – CH/IR CH Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor (Dobson, Cale & Evans) 2nd – CH Svartkong Av Sturtmoor (Imp NOR) JW ShCM (Pentland) 3rd – CH Arnscroft Di Nah Mo Farrah of Koromandel JW (Shorer-Wheeler, Wheeler & Gillies)

Veteran Dog (7-9 yrs) (4/3) 1st – Ch Knytshall Ferdig (Deacon, Deacon & Cobb)

Special Vintage Dog (10+ yrs) (2/0) 1st – Trelowyn Govyn of Marambu (Norman) 2nd – Fullani Fyoda At Shamead


Junior Bitch (3/0) 1st – Rhialis Psyche (Garvie, Mrs M) 2nd – Sturtmoor’s Dream Maker at Gazenorth (Glaholm) 3rd – Rikarlo Hermione (Bolton)

Yearling Bitch (2/0) 1st – Rikarlo Hermione (Bolton) 2nd – Knytshall Angel Delight (Cobb, Cobb & Kent)

Novice Bitch (2/0) 1st – Rhialis Aphrodite (Marker & Woodford)  2nd – Rikarlo Henrietta (Butterworth)

Post Graduate Bitch (2/1) 1st – Rikarlo Henrietta (Butterworth)

Limit Bitch (3/0) 1st – Arnscroft Di-Nah-May (Rumsey) 2nd – Trelowen Andrea (Stonton) 3rd – Trollheimen Elske To Knytshall (Imp USA) (Cobb, Cobb & Kent)

Open Bitch (7/1) 1st – Bernegarden’s Reve Enka Av Sturtmoor (Imp NOR) (Pentland) 2nd – CH Arnscroft Kiss and Tell Di for Sturtmoor (Cale, Pentland & Norman) 3rd – CH Ailort Just Jinks JW (Garvie, Mrs M) 4th – IR/UK CH Arnscroft Di Di Di Delilah (Stewart, Cross, Evans & Houston) 5th – Ch Trelowen Veryan to Knytshall (Cobb, Cobb & Kent)

Veteran Bitch (7-9 yrs) (2/0) 1st – Tonylynn’s Ayala Fizz (Isaac) 2nd – Marambu Tamnavulin (Norman)

Special Vintage Bitch (10+ yrs) (3/0) 1st – Tokyn Keeva of Marambu (Norman) 2nd – Ch Arnscroft Di Sing With Death (Stirling) 3rd – Fullani Feema Avec Tonylynn (Isaac)


Brace (3/0)

1st – Marambu (Norman)

2nd – Tonylynns (Isaacs)

3rd – Sturtmoor (Pentland)


Team (1/0)

1st – Marambu (Norman)


Breeders (1/0)

1st – Sturtmoor Destiny’s Day (Pentland)


Special Not Bred by Exhibitor (6/0)

1st – Ch Svartkonge Av Sturtmoor (Imp Nor) JW ShCM (Pentland)

2nd – Trelowen Andrea (Stonton)

3rd – Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel JW (Shorer-Wheeler, Wheeler & Gillies)

4th – Blakk Extacy van Koekie’s Ranch (Imp NLD) (Walmsley)

5th – Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Taevas (Imp USA)


Progeny (1/0)

1st – Sturtmoor (Pentland)


Norwegian Buhund Championship Show Reports

October 18th 2014

It is a great honour to judge your breed club Championship show but to do it when you are also President of the club has to be the icing on the cake .I would like to thank all the exhibitors for giving me such a lovely entry. The dogs were all well presented and had good temperaments; bites were good although a few of the veterans had missing teeth. With this breed there is such quality that on another day most dogs could change places with one another, so I was often spoilt for choice. Sadly there are no puppies around at the moment. This was the first inside show for many of the dogs for some time and with a smaller ring than they have been used to, I think this affected the movement of some dogs.

MPD (0)

PD (0)


(1) Pentland’s. Sturtmoor Destiny’s Day. Great showman, black, just out of puppy, up to size. Square outline . In good condition, good coat, well muscled .Masculine head, good stop and ear set, lovely dark eyes, good length of neck, level top line, curled tail which could be a little tighter, moderate angulation fore and aft, neat feet. Worried about one area of the ring which affected his movement at times.


(2) Owen’s. Sturtmoor Danfandango very close up to 1, another very attractive youngster, wheaten, litter brother of 1, good size ,more lightly built, good bone, much of above applies,. Needs time to mature, but definitely one to watch. Tended to move a little wide behind at times.

(3) Garvie’s. Rhialis Apollo wheaten, Lightly built, nearly 18months, Masculine head, dark eye, would like a little more fill under the eye , level top line, slightly longer cast than 1 & 2 needs to mature and body up, medium angulation, moved well.

YD (2)

(1) Bethell’s. Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik At Taevas (Imp USA) Wheaten, Good showman masculine head, lovely dark eyes, would like a little more fill under the eyes .Good length of neck going into level top line, good angulation, very well muscled, well curled tail. Moved well. A little long in loin.

(2) Kent’s. Trelowen Black Seal.Black with white feet and white on the chest .I really liked this young dog. Masculine head, dark eye, good length of neck, level top line, short coupled, well curled tail, good bone, neat feet, unfortunately his movement let him down, perhaps not used to moving on mats.

ND (2) Both wheaten

(1) De Deney’s. Rhialis Mercury. Litter brother to 3rd in JD. I was told that this was his first show; I hope it will not be his last. Lovely head, good bone, short coupled, good top line, good tail set and curl, neat feet. Moved easily, pushed hard for RDCC, would have liked a slightly better rear angulation.

(2) Sturtmoor Danfandango.

PG (3) (All wheaten)

(1) Coe’s. Trelowen Big Daddy. I have admired this wheaten dog for some time and he did not disappoint. In good condition, well muscled, good coat, nice size. Attractive masculine head, dark eyes. Good bone, short coupled with good under line, good angulation fore and aft, strong legs neat feet. Good length of neck going into a level top line. Well set tail. Moved well. RDCC and pushed hard for RBIS.

(2) Kent’s. Knytshall Diamond Ted. Wheaten. Another very attractive male, well up to size, in good condition, good masculine head, lovely dark eye, good bone, well curled tail. Moderate angulation, for me more length of leg in front would give him better balance. Moved well.

(3) Bolton’s. Odin Ved Rikarlo (Imp Nor). Wheaten. Taller dog but much to like about him. Attractive   masculine head, good length of neck going into a level topline, well curled tail, moderate angulation, neat feet. Light of coat. The atmosphere on the day upset him so he would not allow his teeth to be seen, which was sad as he was one of the best moving dogs of the day.

LD (3) (1A)

(1) Walmsley’s Blakk Extacy Van Koekie’s Ranch (Imp NLD) Very smart black dog with white feet and white stripe on chest. Well up to size, in good condition and coat. He is heavier in body,  but well balanced with moderate angulation. Would like his tail set a little higher and a tighter curl, moved well.

(2) Odin Ved Rikarlo (Imp Nor)

OD (3)

(1) Dobson, Cale & Evans. Ch/Ir Ch Di To Be A Sailor. Wheaten. Great show man. Excellent shape. Lightly built, so well balanced, good condition and coat, very well muscled. Lovely lean masculine head, neat ears, dark eyes. Lovely arch of neck leading into strong level topline. Moderate angulation, correct tail carriage and set. Easy mover. DCC & BIS

(2) Pentland’s Ch Svartkonge Av Sturtmoor (Imp Nor) JW ShCM. Lovely black dog his outline fits the breed standard so well, lovely head neat ears, short coupled, well set curled tail, neat feet moved well. He is a very worthy Champion but for me there is just not quite enough of him. Best Black In Show.

(3) Shorer-Wheeler Wheeler & Gillies, Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel JW. Litter brother to 1, most of the comments for 1 apply here, except that he was out of coat and although it will come back at this level it counts. He was shown by his 4yr old co owner with whom he has a fantastic rapport, but he tended to move him to fast which made the dog lose balance, not perhaps used to showing him on mats as he ran in front of the dog. I am sure though they have a great future together, which I will enjoy watching.

VD (4) (3a)

(1) Deacon Deacon Cobb’s .Ch Knytshall Ferdig. Black 9yrs old. Very alert, masculine head, good length of neck, level topline, tightly curled tail short coupled. Coat tending to show his age and moved rather wide behind.

SVD (2) (Both wheaten)

(1) Norman’s. Trelowen Govyn of Marambu. 14 plus years, Good size, masculine head but rather    round eyes, little wide in front and carrying a too much weight, but in fantastic condition for his age with a good coat. Good tail set. BVIS.

(2) Hussey’s. Fullani Fyoda at Shamead. Unfortunate to meet 1 on the day,  just 10yrs old, in very good condition and enjoying his day, good size, with masculine head, lovely dark eyes, good angulation longer cast than 1.




(1) Garvie’s. Rhialis Psyche. Wheaten correct size, beautiful feminine head and expression, dark eyes, neat ears, good length of neck going into a level top line. Good bone, short coupled, neat feet good angulation, well set tail, moved well. RBCC

(2) Glaholm’s. Sturtmoor’s Dream Maker at Gazenorth. Wheaten very close up to 1, lighter build & just not quite so mature but a lot to like, lovely feminine head, dark eye, good length of neck level topline well curled tail. Movement not as true as 1.

(3) Bolton’s Rikarlo Hermione. Black. In good condition and coat, lovely feminine head dark eyes, short coupled well curled tail. Rather light of bone and needs more length of leg for better overall balance and firmer pasterns.

YB (2)

(1) Rikarlo Hermione

(2) Cobb Cobb & Kent’s Knytshall Angel Delight. Wheaten. Was rather upset by the occasion, so did not show at her best. Lightly  built, very pretty feminine bitch, could have a little more fill under the eyes, but these are lovely and dark, level topline, well curled tail. Needs plenty of time to mature.

NB (2)

(1) Marker & Woodford’s Rhialis Aphrodite. Wheaten. Full sister to RBCC and a lot of the same comments apply but not quite so feminine and a little longer cast, but certainly one to watch.

(2) Butterworth’s Rikarlo Henrietta. Shaded wheaten. Good size, feminine head, neat ears, good length of neck, level top line, a little long cast, tail could be a little tighter, she needs plenty of time to mature which will also help her movement which is loose in front at the moment, needs firmer  pasterns.

PG (2) (1a)


(1) Rikarlo Henrietta

LB  (3)

(1) Rumsey’s Arnscroft Di-Nah-May. Full sister to DCC Beautiful wheaten bitch, in super condition, lovely feminine head and expression, dark eyes. Level topline held on the move, short coupled, well good bone, neat feet. Moved well. Pushed hard for RBCC.

(2) Stonton’s .Trelowen Andrea. Wheaten. Very attractive bitch, feminine head, dark eyes, short coupled in superb condition, very well muscled, well set curled tail, moved well, for me she is just too small.

(3) Cobb Cobb & Kents Trollheimen Elske To Knytshall (Imp USA) Lovely black bitch with very feminine head, lightly built, level topline well curled tail, good angulation, moved well needs time to mature and was lacking muscle.

OB (7) (1A) What a fantastic class was spoilt for choice. (All wheaten)

(1) Pentland’s Bernegarden’s Reve Enka Av Sturmoor. A quality bitch that I have admired for sometime. Very feminine head with dark eyes, nice size, elegant outline with lovely front, well ribbed, good length and arch of neck going into a level topline, good bone, neat feet, good coat, moved well, scored on maturity in bitch challenge. BCC. RBIS

(2) Cale, Pentland Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Kiss And Tell Di For Sturtmoor. Another quality bitch, nice size lovely feminine head with soft expression, dark eyes, good arch of neck level topline well balanced, good bone, neat feet, moved well but with not quite the same drive as 1.

(3) Garvie’s Ch Ailort Just Jinks JW. A quality bitch but not as lightly built or as feminine as 1&2 more workmanlike, good bone, in superb hard condition and coat, lovely dark eye, tail a little loose. Moved with drive.

VB (2) (Both wheaten)

(1) Isaac’s. Tonylynn’s Ayala Fizz. 7yrs Lovely feminine bitch, dark eyes, neat ears, short coupled, in hard condition with good coat, good tail set and curl, neat feet. BVB

(2) Norman’s. Marambu Tamnavulin. 7yrs another lovely feminine bitch, dark eyes, neat ears, moderate angulation, carrying a little too much weight and slightly longer cast than 1.

SVB (3) (All wheaten)

(1) Norman’s. Tokyn Keeva Of Marambu. In tip top condition for nearly 12yrs. Feminine head, dark eyes, neat ears, very attentive to handler. Good front, level topline, good bone, slightly long cast, well set curled tail, moved well.

(2) Stirling’s. Ch Arnscroft Di Sing With Death. 13 plus yrs. Really enjoying her day out. Lovely feminine head, dark eyes, good bone, tail a little loose, obviously enjoys her food and missing a couple of teeth.

(3) Isaac’s Fullani Feema Avec Tonylynn. 10yrs. Another veteran in superb condition, attractive feminine head, dark eye, good bone, little straight behind, needs more length of leg for better overall balance. Moved well.

Brace (3)

(1) Marambu. Well matched and moved well together.

(2) Tonylynn. Well matched but did not move so well together.

(3) Sturtmoor. Lovely to see a Black brace but were not so evenly matched.

Team (1)

(1) Marambu. Very well handled

Breeders (1)

(1) Sturtmoor


Margaret Deuchar (Judge)