Norwegian Buhund

Norwegian Buhund Club Open Show & AGM

Show date: Saturday, 11th April 2015

Held at:  Overseal Village Hall, Woodville Road, Overseal. DE12 6LU.

Judge:  Mr Peter Clifton (Joseter)

Entry – 11 Dogs, 9 Bitches (30 entries)

2 absentees (1 dog and 1 bitch)



 Trelowen Big Daddy (Coe)


 Rhialis Psyche (Garvie)

Res Best Dog – Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene JW ShCM (Vines)

Res Best Bitch – CH Arnscroft Kiss and Tell Di for Sturtmoor (Cale, Pentland & Norman)

Best Veteran in Show – Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene JW ShCM (Vines)


Yearling Dog (2/0)

1st – Sturtmoor Danfandango (Owens)

2nd – Sturtmoor Destiny’s Day (Pentland)

Novice Dog (1/0)

1st – Sturtmoor Danfandango (Owens)

Post Graduate Dog (1/0)

1st – Rhialis Apollo (Garvie)

Limit Dog (3/1)

1st – Trelowen Big Daddy (Coe)

2nd – Trelowen Anycorya (Deuchar & Deuchar)

Open Dog (1/0)

1st – CH Arnscroft Di Nah Mo Farrah of Koromandel JW (Shorer-Wheeler, Wheeler & Gillies)

Veteran Dog (7-9 yrs) (2/0)

1st – Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene JW ShCM (Vines)

2nd – Ch/Bel Ch Tonylynn’s Charles Lafitte AGB (Deuchar & Deuchar)

Special Vintage Dog (10+ yrs) (2/0)

1st – Ch Knytshall Ferdig (Deacon, Deacon & Cobb)

2nd – Fullani Fyoda at Shamead (Hussey)


Post Graduate Bitch (2/1)

1st – Kimura’s Tyra at Arnscroft (Imp NOR) (Smith, Deuchar & Deuchar)

Limit Bitch (5/0)

1st – Rhialis Psyche JW (Garvie)

2nd – Trollheimen Elske To Knytshall (Imp USA) (Cobb, Cobb & Kent)

3rd – Knytshall Angel Delight (Cobb, Cobb & Kent)

4th – Trelowen Andrea (Stonton)

5th – Arnscroft Di-Nah-May (Rumsey)

Open Bitch (2/0)

1st – CH Arnscroft Kiss and Tell Di for Sturtmoor (Cale, Pentland & Norman)

2nd – Bernegarden’s Reve Enka Av Sturtmoor (Imp NOR) (Pentland)

Breeders (1/0)

1st – Sturtmoor Destiny’s Day (Pentland)

Special Not Bred by Exhibitor (6/1)

1st – Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene JW ShCM (Vines)

2nd – Bernegarden’s Reve Enka Av Sturtmoor (Imp NOR) (Pentland)

3rd – Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel JW (Shorer-Wheeler, Wheeler & Gillies)

4th – Trelowen Andrea (Stonton)

5th – Sturtmoor Danfandango (Owens)


Norwegian Buhund Club Open Show held at Overseal on 11th April.

Many thanks to the club for giving me the opportunity of judging this breed, that I owned for a number of years. While it’s now some time since I last owned the breed I have always maintained an interest in it and I feel that in such a numerically small breed that you, as breeders, have done quite a remarkable job in maintaining the quality that one sees in both the breed, and group rings today. It was a shame that the early classes in both sex’s did not receive any entries.

Yearling Dog. (2) 1/ Owens Sturtmoor Danfandango Pleasing in outline size and balance, nice in head and eye with good expression. Good shoulders and front but feet need attention. Does need to settle more into the job in hand, both standing and on the move. 2/ Pentlands Sturtmoor Destiny’s Day litter brother to winner, and a shade larger. Again good front and shoulder, but just lacked the overall pleasing expression and movement of winner.

Novice D. (1) Owens S Danfandango.

PG D (1) Garvie Rhialis Apollo 2 year old with good overall balance. Good topline tailset, shoulders, front and hindquarters. Head, while nicely balanced, I found him to be a shade bold in eye.

LD (3) 1. Coes Trelowen Big Daddy. Best Dog and Best In Show. Nice size, most pleasing in outline. Excellent head, pretty, yet all male with excellent expression. Correct in neck, good topline standing and on the move excellent tail well set. Good hindquarters, shoulders, front and feet. Balanced movement, presented in excellent condition. 2. Deuchar Trelowen Ancorya Good shoulder and front, with well muscled hindquarters. Just lacked the overall balance of winner. Head whilst pleasing for balance, just a tad bold in eye. Moved well.

OD (1) Shorer-Wheeler, Wheeler, Gillies Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel Excellent balance throughout, good topline, tail that was well set. Good shoulder, front and feet. Good hindquarters. Pleasing head and expression. Liked this boy a lot but today on the move he could not seem to cope with the indoor smaller conditions and this cost him in the final challenge.

Vet D. (2)Vines Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene 8 year old, with excellent head, eyes, ears. Nice overall balance, good topline excellent tail. Good shoulders front and feet. Excellent hindquarters moved well and this got him the res best dog award. 2/ Deuchars Ch /Bel Ch Tonylynn’s Charles Lafitte AGB. Another 8 year old quality and worthy Champion. While pushing the winner hard I felt he just lost out on movement.

Special Vintage D. (2). Deacon, & Cobb Ch Knytshall Ferdig. So nice to be able to see and go over these golden oldies and these 10 and 11 year old did not disappoint. Over the years so many compliments have been made to them, and age should never distract from the glory days. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of judging them. 2. Hussey Fullani Fyoda at Shamead.

P.G B. (1) Smith Deuchars Kimura’s Tyra at Arnscroft. Youngster of 20 mths presented in excellent condition, with well muscled hindquarters. Feminine in head and expression. Slight turnout in front and needs more maturity to give her correct overall balance.

L B (5) 1. Garvie Rhialis Psyche. Best Bitch and Res B.I. S. Most pleasing 2 year old with super outline. Excellent in head eye and ear all giving a super and, I felt, correct expression. Liked her height to length ratio with correct neck, nice shoulders, good topline and tail set. Good front, hindquarters and feet. Moved well. In the challenge for best of breed I felt that she just lost out to the super ring presence of the dog. 2. Cobb and Kents Trollheimen Elske to Knytshall. Pleasing in head and expression, with nice overall balance. Straight in front with nice shoulders and feet. Moved well but today lacked a tad in body. 3. Cobb and Kent Knytshall Angel Delight.

O B. (2) 1. Cale, Pentland, Norman Ch Arnscroft Kiss and Tell Di for Sturtmoor 6 year old with balanced head, nice eye, ear and expression. Overall balance excellent, all giving a super outline. While moving very well from all sides, when standing, at times she has a tendency to drop down on her pasterns and fall away in topline a shade. Today this cost her in the bitch challenge. 2. Pentlands Bernegarden’s Reve Enka Av Sturtmoor (Imp Nor) 5 year old with pretty head, excellent eye and ear, all giving correct expression. Well balanced body with correct neck, good shoulders front and feet. Just lost to winner on movement.

Not Bred by Ex (1) 1. Pentlands Sturtmoor Destiny’s Day.

Special Not Bred by Ex (6). 1. Vines Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene. 2/ Pentlands Bernegarden’s Reve Enka Av Sturtmoor (Imp Nor) 3/ Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel.

Peter Clifton. (Judge)