Norwegian Buhund


WELKS CH SHOW 25/04/2014  Norwegian Buhunds

Norwegian Buhunds

PD (1) 1 Pentland’s Sturtmoor Destiny’s Day, 7 months black dog, presents a very nicely balanced & square outline. For his age, he is quite mature both in body & head, very good expression with lovely dark eyes, well used, mobile ears, excellent coat & body, having very good forequarters, elbows fairly tight to body, well set tail & moves with light, true action. A quality puppy & BP. JD (2) Both wheaten dogs. 1 Kent & Cobb’s Knytshall Diamond Ted, 15 months, with preferred overall outline, balance & tailset. This dog has a lean wedge shaped head, very good eyes & ears, correct proportions of skull to muzzle, good moderate front & rear angles, deep chest, very good body, well ribbed back with slight tuck-up, good coat, but is starting to lose it due to the shedding season, another one with light true action, quite typical dog; 2 Bethell’s Zodiac’s Featuring Fredrik at Taevas, slightly longer cast than class winner, in true Spitz fashion, his mind today was on other things, so was not able to present himself in best light. He has an attractive head, moderate angles both ends, his length of loin as well did present a softer topline as well. On the move has good easy side gait. PGD (2) 1 Walmsley’s Blakk Extacy Van Koekies Ranch, almost 2 years black with allowed white tips to feet & narrow stripe on chest, he has a masculine head but would like the skull to be flatter. Overall, he is a heavier bodied dog, is carrying too much weight. As a result, the topline is affected, & underline slight tuck-up is not present. He has moderate, balanced angles front & back, good coat, but would like the tailset a shade higher. Good movement front & back. LD (1) 1 Deuchar’s Trelowen Ancorya, 3 years, another wheaten dog, presenting a masculine head & expression. He has dark eyes & ears well set & used. He is up to size for me & I would like to see him a bit more compact in body length, but he is well ribbed back with a short strong loin, so topline is very good. He has an excellent coat texture, & moves true in all directions. OD (4) First two appear to be littermates, both 21 months, all 3 are wheaten. 1 Shorer-Wheeler’s Ch Arnscroft Di Na Mo Farrah of Koromandel, now this is the head I have been looking for, the lean yet masculine head, excellent eyes, good width between well set on ears, clean neck with slight arch, tight elbows, excellent coat being close, harsh yet smooth, beautiful body proportions & shape. His overall balance to me is so correct; it hits you between the eyes! Lightly built, moderate angles fore & aft, level topline, excellent coat, square overall proportions & a joy to watch with his light true action, straight coming & going, to me, he epitomizes the breed Standard. CC & BOB; 2 Cale, Dobson & Evans’ Arnscroft Di To Be A Sailor, lovely head & expression on this one as well, excellent eyes & ears, not quite the neck, forehand of the class winner. Good use of neck & tail which is well set, excellent coat, has a lightly built body fairly well balanced, preferred the front gait of class winner, but otherwise is a high quality dog. RCC; 3 Vines’ Ch Ailort Highlander at Parvodene.

PB (2) 1 Glaholm’s Sturtmoor’s Dream Maker at Gazenorth, 7 months wheaten pup with currently far too much weight on her overall, so it affects quite a few things. She dearly loves her bait, that is plain to see! Otherwise, has a the most beautiful & feminine head & expression, very good coat, needs to grow on a tad more in leg length to balance body proportions. Good gait which with weight loss could only get stronger in the rear. JB (1) 1 Cobb & Kent’s Knytshall Angel Delight, 16 months pretty, feminine bitch, dark eyes, good pigmentation, ears could be a tad higher set, & a bit more fill under the eyes. Lightly built bitch, overall fairly pleasing proportions, fairly well ribbed back, moves straight coming & going with light true action. PGB (1) 1 K Angel Delight. LB (2) 1 Cobb & Kent’s Trollheimen Elske to Knytshall, black bitch, 2 years, yes, I am well aware that her coat was in less than ideal condition, having a major moult, but, must look at the whole picture & not something that changes with the seasons. Otherwise, this square, lightly built bitch for me is an excellent example of the breed. She has a very feminine head & expression, her overall balance is spot on, excellent moderate angles front & back, elbows tight to body, strong level topline with slight tuck-up, short loin,& such excellent light, straight coming & going gait & good side movement. RCC; 2 Bethell’s Arnscroft Glad Di Ola, this 2 years bitch has a very good feminine expression, but the noise & indoor condition in the halls meant that she did not put the best of herself forward at all, no doubt will do better outdoors. Otherwise very good to go over for conformation, would like a slightly higher tailset, & a bit shorter in couplings, but has an excellent body & coat texture. On the move shows good side & front gait. OB (3) 1 Cale, Pentland, Norman & Norman’s Ch Arnscroft Kiss And Tell Di for Sturtmoor, 4 years wheaten bitch, immediate impressions are feminine head & expression & very good conformation, would like her to be a tad more compact. She has a very alert& outgoing expression, very well placed & used mobile ears, dark eyes, correct balance of skull to muzzle, lean yet quite feminine head, one of the lucky ones still in full coat, but would like it a shade harsher in texture. Otherwise a very good body, very good clean neck, elbows fairly tight, she is also well ribbed back, with short strong couplings & slight tuck-up. Preferred her rear gait over number 2 & she also showed true, light, straight movement coming & going. CC; 2 Platt’s Ch Ailort Just In Time, 5 years wheaten bitch, not quite the rear action of the class winner, feminine expression, but would like to see her ears placed a bit higher, very good body& coat condition, excellent harsh coat texture, lovely oval, small tight feet, her movement let her down.